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Hello and welcome to my website!  

I learned many years ago that gluten was not my best friend. I wasn't happy about having to eliminate it from my diet, but after I did, I started to notice that the GI symptoms I had struggled with were improving and I was feeling better. Over time, I decided that staying off gluten was the right thing to do. Unfortunately, this was a long time ago and there were very few options available for those of us who were gluten free.

It was then that I began to experiment in my kitchen to recreate some of my favorite foods, gluten free. I shared my creations with people and soon I was being asked by many write a gluten free cookbook. Doctors asked me to write a cookbook that they could share with their patients and parents asked me to write a cookbook that would help them create foods for their families or children with food allergies.  

In 2001, I self -published my first cookbook. It was called Wheat Free, Sugar Free Gourmet Cooking.  In 2004 Harper Collins, UK published my second book, Gluten Free, Sugar Free Cooking  and in 2006 and in 2008, Marlowe and Company (now Perseus Books) published an expanded version of Gluten Free, Sugar Free Cooking and The Gluten Free Vegan.  In February, 2012, the next book, Gluten Free Vegan Comfort Food, was released.

My latest cookbook, Gluten Free Vegetarian Family Cookbook, releases in January, 2015. I am very excited to share it with you! It has a very different focus, moving away from comfort foods, to those that will not only delight your tastebuds, but will also support better health for those of us who choose a gluten free diet.

Wishing you great health!


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