Susan O'Brien Food coach | cooking instructor

Thank you for stopping by my website. It has been designed to provide you with information about classes, recipes, book information, resources that will assist you with finding foods or ingredients that will support your wellness and updates as the year unfolds.

I believe it is important to eat foods we prepare ourselves. I believe the energy we put into the preparation of our meals is what we derive from it. If we buy fresh food and prepare it ourselves with good intention, our bodies will absorb what we need from the food.

I hope you will be creative in your kitchen and experiment with new foods; foods grown naturally in each season and those grown locally. To support our local farmers is a great thing, as we get to help others as we help ourselves.

Cooking is a skill that can be learned by anyone. If you wish to change your diet, learn to cook healthier, or just want some ideas on how to replace traditional ingredients such as white flour, white sugar and other foods that don’t have much or any nutritional value for healthier, gluten free alternatives, this website will help you.

I will be posting newsletters on this site, so be sure to come back……..

Best wishes to you!