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Amy’s - Amy provides gluten free meals and also vegan meals. Her products may be made on equipment shared with gluten products is the only drawback. She has several gluten free meals. Many of her gluten free products do include dairy.

Barbara’s - Like Amy's, Barbara's provides some gluten free and vegan products but all are manufactured on equipment that may also produce gluten products

Cascadian Farm - This organization offers organic products

Website Resources

Bob’s Red Mill - Flours, mixes, etc.

Celiac Sprue Association

Celiac Disease Foundation

National Foundation for Celiac Awareness

Living Without - Great magazine with wonderful recipes and stories about living gluten free.

Gluten Free Living - This magazine and website provides style support with tons of helpful resources.

GFCF Diet - This site offers dietary support for individuals with autism. They provide resources, Q&A, shopping guides, etc.

Vegsource - This site has tons of information! Not only recipes, but information about lifestyle, health, and many, many other products and resources.

Menupause - This website is great! Ellen Sue is a nutrition educator and writer about food and health. She is also the author of The Whole Foods Experience..........So much great information on her site.

Ener-G - This site has tons of gluten free products, but they are best known for their egg replacer. I use it in many of the recipes in my cookbooks. 1-800-331-5222

Lundberg Family Farms - (brown rice syrup, rice noodles, other rice products) - A source for package mixes, such as breads, cakes, also offers recipes and support for finding their products in local grocery stores

Enjoy Life Natural Brands - This company is great. Their products are gluten free, soy free, dairy free, nut free, egg free GMO free and kosher. They have several items on the market shelves.

Triumph Dining - Wonderful site that provides restaurant guides, grocery guides and a blog for updates

Vegan Information - Offers information on vegan recipes, foods, chocolate, clothing, gifts and much more

VegFamily - This is a magazine that provides great information for the entire family. The website is very comprehensive and provides lots of information and a discussion forum as well.

Johnson Osteopathy & Medical Acupuncture

Vegan Corner  - An exclusively vegan directory of all things vegan imaginable (includes fashion, blogs, books, shopping, restaurants, ect).

Simply...Gluten Free

Vital Juice

Easy Eats

101 Vegan Eating Sites

Candida Diet


Shannon Mustipher ~ Celebration Table - Community Food Project - Inspiring Youth and Families to Celebrate Their Lives Through Growing and Cooking Food

Gluten-Free Resources